Rise of the Runelords

Sesson 1

  • The Swollowtail Festival in Sandpoint kicks off with Mayor Dervin speaking to the crowd.
  • Games are played. Cozen and Elsbeth all but embarass themselves at the archery competition. Elsbeth and Ven Vinder take a solid first place in the three legged sack race. Cozen represents himself decently at the strength competition, but, is blown away in the end by Shayliss Vinder. Shayliss decides to allow Cozen to buy her a drink later.
  • Elsbeth and Cozen meet Ameko Kaijitsu, owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn. Elsbeth and Ameko make a business arrangement for game. The party decides to stay there.
  • Sheriff Hemlock approaches the party and asks if they’re an adventuring party. When they reply yes, he replies that they don’t have any problems and want to keep it that way.
  • Sheriff Hemlock addresses the crowd, followed later that evening by Father Zantus. When dusk settles in, goblins attack.
  • The party dispatches several goblins, before hearing cries for help. Father Zantus heals their wounds and the party responds to the cries for help.
  • The party finds Allison Foxglove cowering behind a barrel, her two hunting dogs slain by goblins. The party rescues her. She promises to reward them later, at the Rusty Dragon, and does, giving them 50gp each.
  • Allison takes the party on a boar hunt. She starts getting almost creepily close to Elsbeth, all but fawning over her. Lesbian romance, maybe?
  • Also at the Rusty Dragon, Shayliss allows Cozen to buy her the aforementioned drink. She claims that her father has a rat problem in his basement and would like Cozen’s help getting them out. Once in the basement, her bodice comes off and she is putting some moves on Cozen. She leads him to a cot that just somehow, magically happens to be in the basement, all set up. While they’re making out, Cozen hears heavy footsteps on the stairs and attempts to hide. He fails his hide roll, and doesn’t know that Shayliss’s father, Ven, has like a million ranks in perception, anyway. After a brief parlay, Vinder starts pummeling Cozen, while Shayliss says that there was nothing untward going on, she’s not like his other daughter, Katrina, who is probably macking with Benny Harker at the mill, anyway.
  • A few nights later, the party is approached in the Rusty Dragon Inn by Mrs. Barnett. She explains that there is a goblin in her son’s closet, but, she and her husband blew him off because they thought the sun was just a little pussy with PTSD. Instead, one night, the goblin killed the family dog and started gnawing on the son. The party goes to the house, and thanks to a bunch of great initiave rolls and decent damage rolls, the goblin is unconscious before it’s first turn.
  • The party takes the goblin to the Sheriff and all they really find out was that longshanks sent the goblin. The longshanks who did it was tall, had blonde hair and some facial hair.
  • The Sheriff requests the party meet with him again in the morning, when one of their scouts should be returning from the wild.



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