Rise of the Runelords

Sesson Two

  • Elsbeth awakens to being stared at by a black raven. It flies away before she can do anything about it. She also notices her hair brush is missing.
  • Upon opening her door, Elsbeth finds a gaily wrapped present. After poking it with a ten foot pole, she decides to open it. Inside is a wand shaped stick and the tag reads, “Eternal Affection, Your Ladyship.”
  • Elsbeth queries various locals to see if they know what the stick is. Broderick Quink, the town’s sage, refuses to identify without being paid 20 gold or two deer. The dude at the pillbug pantry, has no idea, nor do Father Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock. Alma Avertin finds Elsbeth in the streets and presses a loaf of bread on her, imploring her to eat more.
  • In the Rusty Dragon, Shayliss makes Cozen nervous by playing footsies with him. Cozen wonders whether or not Allison went back to Magnimar.
  • The party decides to go hunting when Sheriff Hemlock belatedly catches up to them. He asks for their assistance in clearing out what appears to be some goblins hanging out in a mausoleam.
  • The party and Sheriff Hemlock fight four skeletons. They find that the body of Ezakinen Tobyn has been stolen and a black robe with skulls embroidered on it. Cozen mistakenly identifies it as a Robe of Many Things.
  • The party, Father Z and Sheriff B head back to Broderick’s, to get him to identify the robe. Cozen flips his shit on his mentor, who refused to help them without being paid. Sheriff B escorts Cozen out of the building. Shayliss announces Cozen is crabby because he didn’t get any. Broderick indecently propositions Elsbeth and Shayliss. Shayliss informs Elsbeth in a whisper that, “I don’t go in for gnomes.” Father Zantus offers some free healing to Broderick if he will identify the robe. It’s a used up Robe of Bones.
  • The party then meets up with Mayor Derevin, Father Z, Sheriff B and Shalelu Androsana. Shalelu wall of texts everyone in a phone sex operator voice. Shalelu and the party meet up later at the Rusty Dragon and exchange information. Elsbeth regales her with tales of the party’s derring-do. Shayliss makes Cozen uncomfortable. Shalelu reports that there are five tribes who appear to be acting under one leader. It’s scary. Korvus the goblin is missing, and he’s scary, too.
  • The party goes hunting for deer for Broderick. Two hours later, they come back with two deer and Broderick informs them that they have a Wand of Cure Light Wounds x 22 charges.
  • The next morning, Elsbeth is awoken by Bethanna staring at Elsbeth, waiting for her to wake up. She explains that Ameko is missing and shows them the following letter:


  • Cozen and Elsbeth go to collect Shayliss. The first failed attempt to use Giggles to retrieve results in a pair of women’s underwear. The second failed attempt to use Giggles to retrieve results in her sister, Katrina, being summoned. Katrina thinks Benny Harker’s come for her. Elsbeth passes a perception check and notices Shayliss sneaking back into her window. Cozen loudly tells Shayliss that the front door is open, which awakens Ven, who comes outside to see what all the ruckus is. Cozen flees. Katrina hides behind Elsbeth. Shayliss points out that her sister is out slutting around again.
  • Loud arguing can be heard as the rest of the party heads towards the glassworks. Elsbeth asks what Shayliss was up to and Shayliss says she was out getting some from Shalelu.
  • The party heads to the glassworks and quickly find Lon’s body, encased in glass and a bunch of goblins. Some goblins are killed, some flee to parts unknown. The session ends here.



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